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Brake Parts

Brake Components manufactured by KNORR BRESME are used in the braking system of locomotives in Railways. These brake components are very reliable, corrosion free, strong and are made using the cutting edge technology and designing from top notch aluminum alloys.

Brake Linings

We provide various brands in Brake Linings such as Rane, Brakes India And Ashok Leyland Genuine.





Braking Valves

The product program covers all the requirements of a conventional braking system, for example foot brake valves, hand brake valves, relay valves, brake pressure regulators, trailer control valves, air suspension valves or selector valves for operating with containers – also as a perfect addition to electronic control system




Brake Drums

We offer Brake Drums in several brands like Suncast, Ashok Leyland Genuine, Fitcast and S.R.M.T. These are brakes, where the friction is caused by a set of shoes or pads that press against a rotating drum-shaped part, which is called a brake drumThe term Drum Brake means, a brake in which shoes press on the inner part of the drum. When shoes press on the outer side of the drum, it is usually called a clasp brake. It is similar to a conventional disk brake when the drum is pinched between two shoes.


Wheel Disc

Our Wheel Disc is offered in many brands such as Wheels India and Ashok Leyland Genuine. These are mainly used in braking system. Further, we also provide enhanced braking performance by offering specifications, which are consistent with the original equipment.