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Engine Spares Parts

Our organization offers an extensive range of Engine Parts and Spares. These parts are procured from Ashok Leyland. We offer Leyland Genuine Parts.i.e

Cyclinder Head, Crankshaft, Camshafts
Roller Bearings, Needle Bearings
Piston, Liner, Rings
Valves, Guide, Seat, Stem Seals

Brands we offer:
Ashok Leyland Genuine , Goetze,Tal Bros, Escorts Shriram Pistons
Bimetal, Kirloskar, Glyco (Formerly Anand)

MS Motor Service International GmbH 
is the sales organisation for the worldwide Aftermarket activities of Kolbenschmidt Pierburg AG.


Pistons, Cylinder liners, Engine bearings, Piston ring sets, Cylinder heads, Filters, Water pumps, Oil pumps, Camshaft-/ kits, Valve seat inserts.


Valves, Valve cotters, Valve guides.

TRW Engine Components is the name and mark of TRW automotive inc.