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Glyco® bearings have become a top choice in the industry through a combination of leading German technology, product reliability and strong customer support. Our bearings are economical and easy to repair in case of damage. They transmit power, reduce friction and prevent wear on expensive engine parts.

Glyco offers a full range of radial and axial bearings, including main, flanged and conrod bearings. Glyco bearings are fitted as OE on more than 10 million engines — from small electric engines to heavy-duty commercial vehicles and stationary engines — around the world.


Excellent Crankshaft Support

Glyco® is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of thrust washers and bushings. Glyco offers a wide range of bushings to seat the connecting rods (small end), rocker arms and camshafts, including bushing materials with and without a steel backing. In addition, our thrust washers’ sawtooth profiles help minimize oil film buildup.

Glyco’s piston pin bushings are fitted with oil grooves made of complex geometry, which improve the oil supply in the extremely narrow lubrication gap between the piston pin and bush.